Yeah its based on how quickly you can switch between combat styles but there's a lot of luck to it. You're not gonna beat 20 waves if you get 5-6 td spawns for example.... Or you'll easily win if you get like 8 muspah spawns.

You seem stressed muncle. Unless they updated it food doesn't take adrenaline down and if your overloaded brew's dont decrease your stats you can use max cape instead of a kiln cape or firecape and a skill cape would be decent aswell as it is hybrid and you are using all 3 combat styles.

why dont you just use virtus instead of subjugation? For sake of enhancing your gaming experience, offers cheapest Runescape Gold with fast delivery and considerate customer service. Yeah i know subjugation doesnt degrade which goes perfect with slayer, but with all the money you got, repair cost for virtus should be nearly shallow. plus it has more dps.

Virtus barely makes a difference vs subj. You can do this in warpriest too the armor really doesn't make much of a difference it just helps some.